Component 3: Increasing resilience to the effects of rise in sea level and shoreline changes through Integrated Shoreline and Mangrove Ecosystem Management at Vanga and Gazi in the Coastal region of Kenya

The coastal and marine ecosystems are rich with natural resources which support local and national economies which include fisheries coastal forests mangrove forests seagrass beds , coral reefs , river basins deltas and estuaries , beaches and sand dunes  as well as cultural and natural heritage. The climate change effects has impacted on the coastal areas leading to rise in sea levels , coral reef bleaching  and destruction of mangrove due to flooding and drought.  The programme is communing up with a sea wall to protect human settlements . This will be combined with magroove restoration to protect the shoreline. To address the challenge of coral bleaching the programme is rehabilitating the coral reefs.

Key result areas

  • Stabilize at least 4.81 km of the Vanga Shoreline
  • Secure at least 3,579 households from the effects of sea level rise and shoreline changes in Vanga
  • Rehabilitate at least 2,815 Ha of the Vanga and Gazi Mangrove Ecosystems


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