DNA means Designated National Authority

Under the Kyoto Protocol every country is required to set up a Designated National Authority (DNA). In Kenya, the National Environment ManagementAuthority (NEMA) is the Designated National Authority. NEMA is a government agency in the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources (MEMR) DNA is a body that has been granted responsibility by a Party (to the UNFCCC) to authorize and approve participation in CDM projects.

This is a requirement for a Party to participate in CDM. NEMA is one of the 48 DNAs in Africa. The Executive Board (EB) of CDM established a DNA forum to broaden participation in CDM through regular meetings. The forum also provides opportunities for DNA representatives to exchange views, share experiences relating to CDM and bring out common views /issues to the attention of the EB.
Main Tasks/ roles

The DNA has two principal roles;

(a) regulatory (B) promotional roles

The DNA works with a National CDM Clearing House to review CDM projects from various sectors.

The DNA screens Project Idea Notes (PINs) and issues a letter of No - objection.

The PINs are then developed to Project Design Documents (PDD); the DNA issues a Letter of Approval for the proposed CDM project after confirmation that it will contribute to the country’s sustainable development.

The projects must also conform to:

    The national CDM Guidelines,
    The National development strategy
    Kenya Vision 2030 blueprint
    Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Audit (EIA/EA)
    and other environmental management regulations as well as sectoral laws and guidelines.

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CDM Funding Opportunities

Kenya has 16 registered CDM projects as of June 2013. Click here for details

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