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Who we are!

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) is a government regulatory body formed by an act of parliament, The Environmental Management and Coordination Act (CAP 387); its mandate is to supervise and coordinate all environmental matters within the country. It is also the principal agency that implements environmental policies on behalf of the government. Within the devolved system of government NEMA is operating both at national and county level, being mindful that some environmental management functions have been devolved for example noise and waste management. Despite the latter, environmental standards remain the same throughout the country and are still a national function.

Towards a Green Economy!

The earth is under extreme pressure to meet the food, energy, water and other demands of an expanding global population that has surpassed the 7 billion mark. This goes with the attendant increase in the emission of pollutants to the atmosphere.  The global population must strive to live within the earth's limits. This is because the earth’s resources and her ability to cope with the waste we generate is finite. There is a universal call for countries to embrace the green economy concept, i.e., one that is inclusive, resource efficient and low on carbon emissions. These are matters that are of critical importance to Kenya, as she enters a period of ambitious growth across all sectors as envisaged in Vision 2030. In an endeavor to contribute to a green economy in Kenya, NEMA developed the Green Points initiative.

What is a Green Point?

The Green points have been conceptualized in order to practically interpret the green economy concept in our context here in Kenya. The design and function is meant to lead to as small an ecological footprint as possible. This will be achieved by incorporating aspects such as rainwater harvesting, waste water recycling technologies, low energy consumption, among other features.  The green points are intended to improve and expand the advisory role of NEMA in the counties especially on issues related to the promotion of sound environmental management that can support the green economy, in conjunction with the private sector. This will demonstrate the public-private partnership spirit in the communities - a policy direction that the government has been advocating for.  A Green Point therefore is a one stop shop for all NEMA activities and advisory at the county but also a demonstration and learning centre for innovation.

Services offered at the Green Points!

  • NEMA operational functions such as review of Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) applications and inspections.
  • Advisory functions to county government, business people, and the wider community on environmental issues.
  • Exhibitions of appropriate green technologies/innovations by the local business community.
  • Host academic visits.
  • Act as an environmental information resource centre.

Seven Green Points have been strategically put up across the country; in Homa-Bay, Isiolo, Embu, Taita Taveta, Kajiado, Kilifi and Lamu. Plans are underway to develop others across Kenya. These Green Points have been constructed through funding from Danida.

All Green Points in Kenya will combine “normal NEMA office functions and facility” – with an open public meeting information and demonstration area; the design is based on a functional, accessible and open concept including:

  • Eco-friendly and creative architecture
  • Design responds to local conditions – Climate and Geography
  • Open space for various exhibits
  • A culturally acceptable design
  • Functional quality – a maintenance  friendly design based on solid local materials

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