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Kenya Petroleum Technical Assistance Project (KEPTAP)
Credit No. 5526-KE
Assignment Title: Consultancy Services for Strategic Environmental and
Social Assessment for Petroleum Sector in Kenya
Reference: P145234/CS-6

The Government of Kenya (GoK) has received financing from the World Bank’s International Development Assistance (IDA) towards the cost of the Kenya Petroleum Technical Assistance Project (KEPTAP), and intends to apply part of the proceeds for consulting services. The consulting services (“the Services”) include supporting NEMA to undertake a Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) for the oil and natural gas sector by December 31, 2015. The consultancy will therefore run for 33 weeks. The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) is among the Kenyan government key institutions responsible for implementing KEPTAP. The mandate of NEMA under KEPTAP is to implement Environmental and Social reforms in the oil and gas sector. The SESA will be conducted to present strategic recommendations for policies, plans, and programs that will guide environmental and socio-economic planning and decision-making in the country. The SESA presents a unique opportunity for the country to systematically address environmental and socio-economic management issues pertaining to oil and gas activities in the context of sustainable development. The scope of the assignment will include;

i) Review of the most relevant Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs), Environmental Management Plans (EMPs), and Environmental Statements of different projects in both the Marine (offshore) and Terrestrial (onshore) environments, during the last 8 years.
ii) Assembling of preliminary information relevant to the scope of the SESA.
iii) Identification and mapping of the key stakeholders in the oil and gas sector that should be consulted, and analyze their interests, concerns and incentives.
iv) Prepare a draft report covering the proposed scope of the SESA, the schedule and methodology for conducting the work, and plans for stakeholder consultation.
v) Conduct scoping workshops.
vi) Prepare the final Scoping Report/Initial Inception Report.
vii) Preparation of draft SESA Report to be subjected to Stakeholder validation workshops.
viii) Conduct validation workshops.
ix) Preparation of a comprehensive final SESA report for submission to NEMA. Deliverables
i) Scoping /Inception Report
ii) First Interim Report
iii) Second Interim Report
iv) Draft SESA Report
v) Final report

NEMA now invites eligible consulting firms (“Consultants”) to indicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested Consultants should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services. The consultant should have:

i) Experience in similar assignments: SESA consulting, specifically in environmental, social, health safety and security aspects in various oil and gas projects, development of policies in this sector, institutional capacity assessment and resettlement in projects financed by regional and bi-lateral development agencies;
ii) Experience in similar Conditions (SESA projects in Africa would be an advantage);
iii) Appropriately skilled staff.

The Terms of Reference (TOR) for the SESA is available for download on NEMA website: ( The KEPTAP project document is available here: &_Top/country=Kenya&_Top/topic=Energy. The attention of interested Consultants is drawn to paragraph 1.9 of the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants [under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants] by World Bank Borrowers January 2011 (“Consultant Guidelines”), setting forth the World Bank’s policy on conflict of interest. Consultants may associate with other firms in the form of a joint venture or a sub-consultancy to enhance their qualifications. A Consultant will be selected in accordance with the Quality & Cost-Based Selection (QCBS) method set out in the Consultant Guidelines. Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours: 0800 to 1700 hours. The Completed Expression of interest and accompanying documents must be submitted by 13th April 2015 in plain sealed envelopes and clearly marked “EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) FOR STRATEGIC ENVIRONMENTAL & SOCIAL ASSESSMENT (SESA) FOR THE OIL & GAS SECTOR” and addressed to;

National Environment Management Authority,
P.O Box 67839-00200, Nairobi,
Popo road off Mombasa road,
Tel:(020)6005522, 2101370, 0724 253398, 0735 010237
Fax (254 020) 6008997v E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

Download as full doc in pdf

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