The Clean Development Mechanism is coming to an end on 31st  December, 2023

Kenya has several CDM projects and programs. Those who implemented these projects may chose to move to the new carbon markets under Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement. However one must apply to transition from CDM to 6.4. 

The Parties to the ? Paris Agreement have agreed on a process for CDM activities to request transition to the new UNFCCC carbon market mechanism, established in Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement. All CDM activities with a crediting period active as of January 2021 are theoretically eligible, even though a successful transition will require the approval of both the host country, as well as the A6.4 Supervisory Body (A6.4SB).

Yet, the project participants running CDM activities can only request the transition until 31 DECEMBER 2023 at the latest. This is a hard deadline, and once that window closes,** no CDM activities will be able to transition to the new mechanism anymore.** Detailed information on the transition to the Article 6.4 mechanism is contained in the A6.4SB Standard and Procedure (the procedure also contains a very simple 2-page form for the transition request in Appendix 1 à just follow the link!). Any inquiries can be directed to UNFCCC Secretariat This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

While all eligible CDM project participants should have received an email from the UNFCCC secretariat with specific instructions to request the transition, some CDM documents may contain outdated contact information. As the deadline is now ⏰approaching quickly, it will be important for host countries and other stakeholders to raise awareness for the opportunity to transition, in particular for those CDM activities that make important contributions to national climate targets. ?

We encourage in particular CDM activities in countries that have historically struggled to access the CDM to ensure that registered activities don’t miss the chance to join the new UNFCCC mechanism!

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