Climate Change Adaptation - National Implementation Entity (NIE)

National Implementation Entity (NIE)

National Implementing Entities are country specific institutions accredited by the Adaptation Fund Board to receive direct financial transfers from the Fund in order to carry out Climate Change ??? Adaptation projects and programmes.
NEMA successfully underwent a very rigorous and systematic evaluation by the Adaptation Fund Accreditation Panel after its application to Adaptation Fund Board. During this evaluation NEMA demonstrated that it has the staffing, experience, expertise, and internal controls necessary to properly operationalise the role of an NIE. The authority also demonstrated adequate capabilities in financial integrity and management, institutional capacity, transparency and self-investigative powers.
It is against this background that? NEMA-KENYA is proud to announce to the public that it was accredited as the National Implementing Entity (NIE) for Kenya by the Adaptation Fund Board during its 16th Meeting held on 17th March, 2012 in Bonn, Germany. Globally NEMA-Kenya becomes the twelfth National Implementing Entities (NIE).? This accreditation is a highly prestigious and honorable recognition and serves as prove of competence, efficiency and trustworthiness of NEMA at international level.

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