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Welcome to Kenya’s National Implementing Entity of the Adaptation Fund. On these pages you will find information about the global Adaptation Fund, and NEMA-Kenya’s role as accredited National Implementing Entity of the Fund.


The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is an international environmental treaty whose objective is to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations and to tackle impacts of Climate Change. Kenya is a Party to this treaty and its subsequent Kyoto Protocol.
The Adaptation Fund is a financial instrument under the UNFCCC established to finance concrete adaptation projects and programmes in developing countries which are Parties to the Kyoto Protocol. This fund is intended to finance full costs of adaptation in developing countries that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change in an effort to reduce negative impacts facing communities, countries and sectors. Kenya is vulnerable to effects of climate change as evidenced by increased frequency of floods, prolonged droughts, unpredictable rainfall patterns and its subsequent threat to food security.
 NEMA obtained accreditation as a National Implementing Entity (NIE) by the Adaptation Fund Board of UNFCCC in March 2012.

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