Hitherto, NEMA has recorded increased levels of compliance to plastic bags and Effluent Discharge Licenses, NEMA Chairman John Konchellah has noted, “60 days into the Rapid Results Initiative, the Authority throughout the eight regions in Kenya has seen improved rates of compliance.”

The Chairman stated that the Authority has conducted inspection in the eight regions; Coast, North Lake, South Lake, Nairobi Metropolis, North Eastern, Central region, North Rift, and South Rift where 1,497 facilities have been inspected, issued closure notices to over 300 firms, and made 302 arrests, 60 days into the Rapid Results Initiative which was started in Nairobi area.

These sentiments were echoed by the Director General, Prof. Geoffrey Wahungu who noted that tireless efforts by the Authority curtailed unregulated effluent discharge, and the illegal use of banned plastic carriage bags.

In his statement, Prof. Wahungu stressed and sensitized the public on the critical need to adhere to the set regulations regarding effluent discharge and plastic bags use as expected, failure to which a hard penalty will be prescribed.

Prof Wahungu noted, “Compliance is a responsibility of everyone to contribute to wiping out the vice; from the native ‘Mama Mboga’ ascending to those that manufacture the banned plastic bags.”

The Authority’s board of management has channeled all its efforts to stamping out the aforementioned. Regarding effluent discharging, NEMA is sensitizing mega institutions and facilities, such as: Hotels, Schools, Universities, and Colleges issuing them with recommendations on how to discharge the effluent wastes, and improvement orders to the firms and institutions.

The Chairman and Director General were speaking in Mombasa when they released a midterm report on the status of RRI on EDL that was launched on 8th May 2019.

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