Water quality Regulations, 2006 (Legal notice No. 121)


Water Quality Regulations apply to water used for domestic, industrial, agricultural, and recreational purposes; water used for fisheries and wildlife purposes, and water used for any other purposes. Different standards apply to different modes of usage. These regulations provide for the protection of lakes, rivers, streams, springs, wells and other water sources.


The objective of the regulations is to prohibit discharge of effluent into the environment contrary to the established standards. The regulations further provides guidelines and standards for the discharge of poisons, toxins, noxious, radioactive waste or other pollutants into the environment in line with the Third Schedule of the regulations.

The regulations have standards for discharge of effluent into the sewer and aquatic environment. While it is the responsibility of the sewerage service providers to regulate discharges into sewer lines based on the given specifications, NEMA regulates discharge of all effluent into the environment.

No person shall discharge any effluent from sewage treatment works, industry or other point sources into the environment without a valid effluent discharge license issued by NEMA.

Every person shall refrain from any actions, which directly or indirectly cause water pollution, whether or not the water resource was polluted before the enactment of the Environmental Management and Coordination Act (EMCA), 1999

WQ_Guidelines for Effluent Discharge Application
WQ_Effluent Discharge Licence Application Form
Water Quality Regulations



Take note that all effluent discharge licenses issued by the Authority will from the year 2019, be valid ONLY for the calendar year of issue. Therefore, all 2019 effluent discharge licences will take effect from the 1ST JANUARY 2019. This note is issued in pursuant 17 (1) of Legal Notice 120 of 2006.

You are advised to comply accordingly.

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