Kenya, Through NEMA as NIE  is implementing Adaptation Fund Programme  titled , Integrated Programme to Build Resilience to Climate Change and Adaptive Capacity of Vulnerable communities in Kenya”.

The programme has a funding of 1 billion Kenya shilling and is  designed to cover the following sectors; water resources, agriculture, livestock, agro forestry, coastal and mangrove ecosystems, energy and infrastructure, human health and gender in relation to climate change. The programme proposes to develop and implement integrated adaptive mechanisms to increase community livelihood resilience to climate change as follows:

  • Adoption of drought tolerant crops, and promotion of value chain approaches
  • Development of water harvesting assets/structures
  • Promotion of forestry and agro forestry ecosystem-based strategies to enhance food security and resilience to climate change as well as water and soil conservation.
  • Promotion of pastoral ecosystem-based adaptations that will increase resilience through use of pasture conservation and emergency fodder bank, storage and supply of water to improve social life of the people in the district.
  • Rehabilitation of mangrove ecosystem in the coastal area
  • Disaster risk reduction and preparedness through early warning system and flood control structures
  • Establishment of a knowledge management system for this programme, development of institution capacity, and raising awareness on Climate Change Adaptation.

The programme covers  fourteen (14) counties and is subdivided into five components. 

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