Environmental Capacity Building (EIA)

NEMA offers knowledge and skills support to all stakeholders on environmental conservation with special emphasis on environmental laws, policies and regulations in Kenya. The website allows us to extend our services to the wider Kenyan community.? This site is particularly useful to learning institutions that wish to train/teach on environmental issues.

On this site you will find information about the NEMA capacity building programes and documents.? These include short courses offered such as Basic Enforcement Course for NEMA staff and Lead agencies as well as EIA/EA Reviewers course. 


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Compliance Promotion
Following? the enactment of EMCA 1999, NEMA through the Minister or Environment and Mineral Resources has gazetted several regulations to operationalise? the Act. These regulations provide specific activities to be undertaken to help developers to protect the environment as they carry out their activities.

EMCA 1999 and its subsidiary regulations:

  • EMCA (1999)
  • EIA/EA Regulations
  • Waste Management Regulations
  • Biodiversity and Benefit Sharing
  • Ozone Depleting Substances
  • Water Quality Regulations
  • Noise Pollution Regulations
  • Wetlands and riparian Regulations

The following are regulations in draft

  • Air Quality Regulations
  • E-Waste Regulations
  • Chemicals Regulations
  • Waste tyres Regulations

Courses offered by NEMA
NEMA operations require decision making on key technical aspects of the environment. Capacity building for all stakeholders working with NEMA is essential. In this regard, NEMA has developed diverse curricula to be used in capacity building internally and by other training institutions.
In 2004, NEMA in collaboration with other stakeholders developed the EIA/EA training curriculum to guide training institutions in capacity building for EIA/EA experts. All experts are expected to have gone through this curriculum to be registered as an EIA/EA expert.
Training institutions are expected to apply to NEMA to be authorized to offer EIA training.

The applying institutions must fulfill the following conditions.

  • Be a recognized training institution by Ministry of Education or the Directorate of Technical Training
  • Possess 5 qualified staff who must be fully registered EIA experts
  • Demonstrate capacity in terms of training infrastructure
  • Pay Kshs. 20,000 as fee for using the NEMA curriculum.

The revised EMCA (1999) intends to make it mandatory for all policies, programs and projects to undertake Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). NEMA has developed the SEA curriculum but has so far not authorized any institution to offer this course. Anyone interested in training on SEA should get in touch with NEMA for further guidance.?

To address other needs for environmental experts, NEMA is also offering the following courses in-house.

  • EIA Experts Refresher Course ? for EIA experts
  • EIA Reviewers Course ? for EIA experts from lead agencies
  • Basic Enforcement Course ? for Environmental Laws Enforcement Agencies
  • Principles of Environmental Compliance and Enforcement ? for Environmental Laws Enforcement Agencies
  • Mainstreaming of Environment and Sustainability?- for Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs)
  • Education for Sustainable Development ? for educators
  • For more information on how to participate in any of these courses, kindly contact the Department of Environmental Education, Information and Public Participation.

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