National Biodiversity Clearing House Mechanism
The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)in Kenya
CBD Secretariat Montreal Canada
Party to:ConventionCartagena protocol
Since: 26 July 1994 (by Ratification) 11 September 2003 (by Ratification)
Signature Date: 11 June 1992 15 May 2000
Status and trends of Biodiversity in Kenya

CHM Partner Institutions

  1. Ministry of energy
  2. Ministry of State for Planning National Development and Vision 2030
  3. Nature Kenya
  4. National Environment Management Authority
  5. National Museums of Kenya
  6. Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
  7. Kenya Forestry Research Institute
  8. Kenya meteorological department
  9. Kenya Industrial Property Institute
  10. Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research and analysis(KIPPRA)
  11. Kenya National Cleaner Production
  12. Kenya Wildlife Service
  13. Department of Resource Survey and Remote Sensing (DRSRS)

 Documents Available Click here

  • Fourth National Report
  • Third National Report
  • Second National Report
  • Report on Implementation of GTI Work Programme
  • National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan
  • First National Report
  • First Regular National Report on the Implementation of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety
  • National Capacity Needs Self-Assessment (NCSA)
Access and Benefit Sharing
  • Procedures on Accessing Genetic Resources Click here
  • Biodiversity benefit sharing regulations Click here..

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