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UAP Old mutual appreciates NEMA

UAP Old mutual, the organizers of the annual Ndakaini Half Marathon have appreciated NEMA for their continued support in the course of conserving Ndakaini dam. The Authority has sponsoring the marathon as well as sending a team to participate in the activity.


NEMA’s Anthony Mwangi (L) receiving the Ndakaini marathon award [PHOTO: COURTESY]

As a result, NEMA was among the parastatals applauded for their support in conservation of the dam in Muranga County through the regular participation. The UAP Ndakaini half marathon takes place annually in the mid-September.

The Authority has been participating in the marathon for the last three years. This forum is used to create awareness on the best environmental practices through environmental exhibition as a side event.

The UAP Ndakaini Half Marathon started back in 2004 under the auspices of the Ndakaini Dam Environment Conservation Association (NDEKA), when UAP partnered with NDEKA to plant trees around the Dam and sponsor the first Ndakaini Half Marathon.

The dam supplies approximately 70 per cent to Nairobi comes. However, the dam has been experiencing reduced volumes of water due to drought and reduced rainfall as well as human related activities such as deforestation. Hence, the need to continue supporting the effort to safeguard the most vital resource to majority of city residents.

Contributors: Samwel Irungu, Janet Mukiria & Tony Koech


“Address these environmental issues and you will address every issue known to man. And we keep dabbling in things that aren’t really that important in the long term” – Ted Danson



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