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Public urged to support plastics ban

Public urged to support plastics ban

The deadline for compliance with the gazette ban on the use, manufacture and importation is fast approaching.

NEMA Director General, Prof Geoffrey Wahungu (R ) with Comedian MC Jessy holding a sisal bag during Churchill Show recording [PHOTO: COURTESY]

To foster compliance, the Authority is conducting an elaborate media and outreach campaign o sensitize the public on the plastic carrier bags ban which takes effect from 28th August 2017.

As a result, the Authority partnered with the Nation Media Group and Churchill Show to create awareness about the ban on Churchill Show that was recorded on 21st July in Nyeri and aired to millions of Kenyans on 23rd July on NTV.
PS state department of Environment, Mr. Charles Sunkuli during the Churchil Show recording


During the Show, the NEMA Director General Prof Geoffrey Wahungu addressed a raft of issues around the ban on plastic bags. “Today, if you approaching a town, you can’t get lost, you just follow the strewn plastic bags along the sides of the highway,” the DG remarked.

Prof Wahungu explained the negative effects of plastic bags such as cholera that is caused on blockage of sewerage systems, consumption of plastic by animals that affect health of animals and release of dioxins into the environment that are produced when plastics are burned and that affect the health of living beings as well as related effects of using plastics to store food in fridges or warm them using microwaves. The DG further explained that the banning of plastic bags is expected to create more employment opportunities. For instance, biodegradable plastics can be made using soft woods implying more markets for planted softwood trees, reeds and banana leaves.

NEMA DG Prof Geoffrey Wahungu (R) being interviewed by Churchill flanked by Miss and Mr Environment 2017 [PHOTO: COURTESY]

The PS State Department of Environment, Mr. Charles Sunkuli echoed the same remarks on the negative effects of plastic bags in the country. He thanked the public for their continued support in regards to the ban on plastics.

According to Synovate Ipsos media monitoring report, Churchill Show is the Country’s biggest and number one most watched comedy show in the east and central Africa, unmatched to any other entertainment show in Kenya.

At the end, there was a general public support that the ban on plastic bags was timely and would foster a clean environment for all.

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