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A letter from the next generation

Dear grownups,

Keep working on the Earth so when I grow up it will be in good shape. It is important because I don’t want the earth to be all littered with trash and I don’t want to pick up all the trash by myself. And because I like to play with my friends outside. And I don’t want my friends to pick up your trash.

When you put trash in a storm water drain did you know it can end up in our rivers and pollute our oceans and seas thus affecting our marine life? When you throw trash in highways did you know it will affect the aesthetic beauty of the Earth? When you throw trash in protected areas did you know that it will affect our precious biodiversity? When you fail to undertake individual responsibility on waste management did you know that it will contribute to poor practises such as littering? When you undertake poor sitting of disposal sites on environmentally sensitive areas such as riparian areas, forest and wetlands did you know that this will affect the earth? When you undertake improper management of waste did you know it poses a threat to the climate and the eventual achievement of sustainable development?


Tips for care:

Do the 7R’s: Reduce, Rethink, Refuse, Reuse, Repair, Refill and Recycle

Be nice to the E (Earth)

Do not litter because it’s putting trash on the E (Earth’s) face.

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