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Staff sensitized on drug, alcohol abuse

NEMA held a sensitization meeting on alcohol, drug abuse and HIV/AIDS on 25th April 2017 at NEMA headquarters. The meeting was organized by the Human Resources depart

ADA Specialist, Mr. Robert Mwangi speaking to staff during the sensitization meeting at NEMA HQ [PHOTO: S. IRUNGU/NEMA]

Speaking during the meeting, Robert Mwangi, an Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ADA) specialist underlined that addiction to alcohol and other forms of drugs is the worst form of experience one can go through. He highlighted some of the resultant effects especially chronic illness such as cancer that are associated with drugs abuse. He relates his diagnosis to throat cancer which is related to excessive alcohol abuse in his youth.

During the meeting, the staff were also trained on the Knowledge Management System (KMS). Senior Systems Analyst, Abednego Marube took the opportunity to take the staff through the process of the using the system. He enumerated the need to use the system as it stores vital

information about the Authority. All the documents from all Sections and Departments are now available in the system.

Senior Systems Analyst, Abednego Marube training staff on Knowledge Management System during the meeting at NEMA HQ [PHOTO: S. IRUNGU/NEMA]



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