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NEMA visits Senegal for a benchmarking tour

NEMA in its role as NIE, has benefited from technical support by Climate Finance Readiness project funded by the Government of Germany through UNEP, UNDP and World Resources Institute (WRI). The main objective of this programme is to build capacity towards accessing funds from the global climate funds.


DG-CSE, WRI Representative, CSE & NEMA Staff outside the CSE Office

One of the activities under this programme that WRI supported NEMA was to undertake a study tour to Senegal. The host of the tour was the Senegalese NIE, an organization known as the Centre for Ecological Conservation (CSE).  CSE completed implementation of its Adaptation Fund programme. The Senagelese project has been nominated for several awards due to its successful implementation.

The learning objectives of this tour included:

  1. Study and understand the Senegalese NIE programme governance model
  2. Study and understand innovations applied for effective and timely procurement processes
  3. Study and understand the community mobilization skills utilized during their AF programme implementation
  4. Study and understand the finance management strategies, disbursement processes between NIE and EEs during programme implementation and
  5. Appreciate impacts and the resilience outcomes of the programme


NEMA and CSE representatives acknowledged the importance of south-south dialogue and peer learning in building the capacity of national institutions to access and deploy climate finance effectively. Recognizing the need to continue collaboration, they dedicated the last session of the study tour to discuss next steps.

  1. Peer learning in Kenya: NEMA representatives expressed great desire to host a peer learning event for African implementing entities before COP22. The event will convene project coordinators as well as DAs/NDAs and some executing entities.
  2. Community of Practice for African Implementing Entities: CSE Focal Person – Déthié, is putting together a concept note for the constitution of a Community of Practice for African NIEs. This initiative will facilitate access and deployment of climate finance by national institutions by providing innovative resources/ materials and convening activities for peer learning.
    • A virtual platform with relevant resources and materials in different languages.
    • Hubs of information, tools, and human resources to help national institutions build their capacity for climate finance. There will be 4 hubs across Africa, naming Morocco, Senegal, Kenya, and South Africa.
  1. Potential areas for future readiness support by NGOs, international organizations, and national institutions.
    • Differentiated readiness support for NIEs and EEs. NIEs could benefit from strengthening their negotiation, programing, and budgeting skills. EEs would benefit from readiness support that focuses on reporting, M&E, and procurement.
    • In view of GCF funding opportunities, support for project development and validation that NIE’s processes comply with fund’s requirements are needed.
    • Support to scaling up activities that have been identified as a priority for the country


COMNACC President, COMNACC Committee Members, CSE & NEMA staff

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