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NEMA hosts TICAD VI RCE Conference

The Tokyo International Conference on African Development side event organized by the United Nations University- IAS /Global RCE Service Centre in collaboration with  NEMA, RCE Greater Nairobi and the African Regional Centre for Expertise Network was held at Kenyatta University Conference Centre (KUCC) on 26th August, 2016.

The theme of the event was strengthening the role of African Regional Centers of Expertise to deliver the sustainable Development goals SDGs through education for sustainable development.

The aim of the side event was to explore ways of strengthening African RCEs as multi- stakeholder partnerships for scaling up innovation, resources and action to deliver the SDGs in local and regional contexts, paying particular interest in highlighting and promoting the role of ESD in achieving the SDG’S at local and regional levels.

The RCE Coordinator Greater Nairobi, Dr. Mary Otieno addressed the guests pointing out that the agenda of TICAD and that of RCE are intertwined. She remarked that K.U has been of great support to the RCEs in launching the various courses on their website. Dr. Mary thanked the guests, sponsors for co-operating and making the conference a success as she opened the floor for deliberations.

Prof.  Rob put the nexus of sustainability in a context. He said “education for sustainable development should include Healing, decolonizing, mobilization and transformation according to (Smith, 1999).” He added that all the sustainable Development Goals are intertwined. In order to solve one, the others must be tackled.

Regional Advisor for African RCEs, Prof Akpezi Ogbuigwe reinforced Prof. Rob’s words by explaining that change has to be there for the sustainable development goals to be realized. She said that education is key in the realization of the SDGs.” RCEs have the potential to provide a continental platform for transforming Africa” the Professor said. Goal four should be integrated in all other SDGs was her message. Mr. Usman Muhammad praised the regional center of expertise youth network for the efforts made towards helping the youth. He urged leaders to be more accommodating of the youth and engage them in their various activities. Mr. Usman also emphasized on the importance of Goal 4 in achieving sustainable development.

Member of Niger State House of Assembly, Mrs Binta Mamman asked the government to collaborate with RCEs. Mrs. Binta praised the RCEs especially RCE Minna in Nigeria for the good work done in transforming lives. She also talked of gender inequality as set back toward achieving the SDGs.

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